Single-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter precision

For surveying, mapping and navigation.
Comes with a mobile app

999€ HT
Récepteur RS+ EMLID sur trépied

Emlid co-founder and CEO Igor Vereninov on what Reach RS+ is and how it works.

Reach RS+ is designed for harsh conditions.
Dense forests, mountains, frost, heat and water, Reach can handle it all


Can be held 1 meter deep underwater for half an hour.


Working temperature. Isn’t afraid of either heat or cold.

30 hours

Industrial LiFePO4 battery that doesn’t die when cold. Charges over USB from a powerbank.

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Real-time position Streaming in NMEA

Reach provides data in standard NMEA that is used by most GIS apps. Simply connect your device to Reach over Bluetooth or with a cable, and turn on “Position output” in ReachView.

Reach can turn on and off automatically

Reach can turn on and off in sync with an external battery connected over RS-232. This helps when the power button is hard to reach, for example, if the receiver is placed on the roof of a tractor.

Position streaming

RS-232, TCP, Bluetooth

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