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We are the official distributor of Radarteam GPR in France


The COBRA PLUG-IN GPR uses real-time sampling of the radar signal.
Real-time sampling allows 32,000 stacks / second, dramatically improving the signal-to-noise ratio (45 dB).



  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY — High Penetration Real Time Sampling GPR
  • MONOSTATIC ANTENNA — Better performance vs. conventional bistatic GPR
  • AIRBORNE & AIR-COUPLED — Easy to operate, even in non-walkable terrain
  • PERFORMANCE — 45 dB increased S/N-ratio versus conventional GPR
  • GPR — Fits all our popular low frequency SE-antennas
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH OPERATION — No cables, less ringing
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION — 16 hours between charges
  • COMPACT AND LIGHT — Complete system below 7 kg
  • UNPARALLELED PENETRATION — Up to 120 m depths
  • LOW TRANSMITTER OUTPUT — Less ringing in data


The COBRA PLUG-IN GPR uses Real Time Sampling of the radar signal. Today major manufacturers use conventional interleaved sequential sampling, giving only a down converted replica of the real signal.
The Real Time Sampling allows for 32,000 stacks/second resulting in an amazing 45 dB increased signal-to-noise ratio.


Wireless Bluetooth connection between Radarteam GPR and control unit replaces interfering coax-cables and fragile fibre optic links.
An Ultra Rugged Mesa PDA with embedded software is used for
data collection.
Data is stored in standard SEGY geophysical format.
The complete GPR-unit plugs into a single SUBECHO Antenna, any selectable model. No need for bistatic configuration.

Exemple d'utilisation du radar COBRA PLUG-IN GPR
Relevé radar par Radarteam GPR

Example of deep radar detection of Oxfordian deposit (progradation in eolithic limestone, Upper Oxfordian,  Burgundy) done with Radarteam GPR LF + Sub-echo Antena SE-70. A good alternative of seismic acquisition for shallow exploration project (0-100m) : acquisition and signal processing in less than 1 hour.

Exemple d'imagerie obtenue avec radar cobra plug-in

Official presentation of the COBRA PLUG-IN GPR

Cobra Plug-in GPR

SUBECHO Radar Antennas

MF & LF 32-bit

Radarteam Cobra plug-in GPR

Weight : 1 kg
Size : 190 x 140 x 80 cm
Max depth range : 120m
Battery : 94 Wh Li-Ion (16h)
Included: Mounting adapters for drone. Cradle. Data acquisition softwares/post processing. 

23186€ HT




Antenne SE-150 rouge

Bandwidth : 20-280 (260 MHz)
Weight : 3.5 kg
Size : 92 x 22 x 22 cm

9338€ HT


Antenne radar rouge radarteam SE-70

Bandwidth : 20-140 (120 MHz)
Weight : 3.7 kg
Size : 139 x 15 x 21 cm

9338€ HT


Radarteam SUBECHO Antenna SE40

Bandwidth : 15-105 (90 MHz)
Weight : 4.7 kg
Size : 200 x 15 x 21 cm

9338€ HT

Accesories :

Rental available

A temporary project? We provide you with turnkey equipment (acquisition tablet, GPS system, post processing software)

Antenne radar rouge radarteam SE-70

Dual Car Trailer & Winch kit

 Double function system for mounting all antennas to a standard 50 mm tow bar or winch mounted in front of car/ATV.

1792€ HT
dual cart winch sur un chemin de foret

Smart Cart

 Foldable Cart specially constructed for dual GPR systems/
antennas above when used in ground based surveys. Rugged PC/CU fits to Cart with the included tactical cradle and adjustable RAM clamp

2542€ HT
Cart Radarteam sur pelouse

Rugged terrain kit

– SACCI Hook PC-carrying Harness sled, handle, SW-encoder
wheel. Tactical cradle and adjustable RAM clamp.
(Cobra CBD GPR-system)
– Cobra Plug-In and SE-model antennas uses SACCI Hook PC-
carrying Harness, the handle and tactical cradle with RAM-clamp

749€ HT

Rugged PC control unit/GNNS

The most rugged (IP-68) ,lightweight (680 g), longest lasting battery (12 h between charges) PC available on the market. Geode GNSS :
Onboard, Antenna mounted Data Logger and cradle. Adapters for drone
• Mesa3 Geo Control Unit bundled with Cobra DAQ-software and Prism2 Post Processing Software.
• Geode High Accuracy, 162 Channel GNSS positioning.
(Hemisphere P327 module). GNSS positions with GPS, GLONASS, SBAS
Accuracy: < 30 cm RMS, SBAS (WAAS)

4886€ HT
Rugged tablet Radarteam

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