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EMLID products & accessories

Find all the EMLID accessories to make your measurement easier. 
All products are compatible with the Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 receiver models.


Survey Pole with a smartphone mount

The three-section construction delivers reliable stability with the help of solid flip locks. It comes equipped with a smartphone mount that fits most control devices and a carrying bag.

0,74 – 1,8m

299€ HT

RTK GNSS modules for UAV mapping

Positioning with centimetre accuracy in RTK and PPK. For precise drone mapping with less GCP

Reach M2 and M+ work seamlessly with other Reach receivers over any link and are compatible with any other receiver that supports RTCM3 and NTRIP

329€ HT

Fast Charge Kit

Charges RS2 in 3,5 hours
Compatible with any USB Type-C device
Output power: 18W
Smart integrated protection for devices
Cable length: 1 m
Weight: 70 g
US or EU plugs

32€ HT


Triangl SmallRig

To easily hang your phone when taking measurements.

167€ HT


Millimeter adjustement

Designed in carbon, this 1.37m rod can extend up to 2.45m and is equipped with a spirit level.

179€ HT


Optimal stability for your measurement

It has 3 levels allowing a height of 1.07 to 1.88 meters.
Note: a tribrach is necessary to fix the station, please consult the recommended products below.

145€ HT


With optical plummet

For fine tuning

148€ HT


Secure your mobile station to a tripod with this tribrach adapter


79€ HT


For tripod or handheld fixing

Length 150 mm. Compatible with Reach RS2.

39€ HT

Reach M2/M+ camera hot shoe adapter

For precise time stamping

Hot shoe adapter for Reach M2 and M+. Wires the flash sync pulse from camera to Reach for precise time stamping of each picture. Necessary for PPK workflow. Designed to work with any camera with hot shoe connector, tested to work with Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

53€ HT


Up to 8 km

300% more range compared with FSK radios at the same power

LoRa Spread Spectrum modulation can work on disctances up to 4 times longer compared with traditional FSK radios at the same power output. LoRa radio is used to connect rover to base when internet-delivered corrections are not available.

Frequency Range : 868-915 MHz

29€ HT

Reach M2/M+ LoRa radio

To receive correction from RS2

LoRa radio allows Reach M2 and M+ to receive corrections from Reach RS2 and RS+.

Frequency: 862-1020 MHz
Output power: 100 mW
Transmission range: up to 8 km
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Weight: 17gr, 32gr with antenna
Size: 50x29x19.6 mm

Package includes
– LoRa Radio
– Antenna
– Cable for connection to M2/M+

135€ HT


Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m w/o 2nd Connector – CBL101

39€ HT

Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m w/o 2nd   Connector (90°) – CBL108

33€ HT

Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m with DB9 MALE Connector – CBL102

49€ HT

Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m with DB MALE Connector (90°) – CBL109

40€ HT

Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m with DB9 FEMALE Connector – CBL103

49€ HT

Reach RS+/RS2 Cable 2m with DB FEMALE Connector (90°) – CBL110

40€ HT

Reach M+/M2 SMA Antenna Adapter Cable 0.5m – RFC101

19€ HT

Reach M+/M2 Antenna Extension Cable 2m – RFC102

19€ HT

Reach M+/M2 TNC Antenna Adapter Cable 2m – RFC103

19€ HT

Reach M+ JST-GH 6p-6p Cable for Edge – CBL104

19€ HT

Reach M+ JST-GH to DF13 6p-6p Cable for Pixhawk 1 – CBL105

15€ HT

Reach M+ JST-GH to 6p-6p Cable for Pixhawk 2 – CBL106

15€ HT

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1 Reach RS2 / 1 reach RS+

Other EMLID Accessories

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