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Our geological expertise, associated to the use of geophysical and lab tools, is applied to shallow and deep subsurface settings for a complete characterization of geomaterials and resources.

Lithium Gravimetry ERT Ground Penetrating Radar Conductimetry Mudlogging Magnetometry Wellsite geology


Our engineers have many years of experience in the fields of Oil & Gas exploration, geothermal energy, and themes related to underground storage.

We provide turnkey services by working on all positions related to geosciences services in onshore and offshore drilling settings:

  • Geological monitoring for well drilling
  • Biostratigraphy (palynology, foraminifers, nannofossils)
  • Realization of well logs (WellCAD), well log and well data studies
  • Management of mudlogging activities
  • Petrography (on site and in the lab)


We integrate various analytical datasets to determine or predict the capacities of a target region to produce or store resources:

  • Geological mapping
  • Sedimentology (petrography, depositional models)
  • Stratigraphy (biostratigraphy, genetic/sequence stratigraphy) chemostratigraphy)
  • Diagenesis (characterisation of porosity, paragenesis)
  • Petrophysics (quantification of porosity and permeability)
  • Geomechanics (Young modulus and Poisson coefficient)
  • Log analyses

Applications for Oil & Gas, geothermal resources, and deep storage:

  • Lateral and vertical evolution of facies / microfacies / electrofacies
  • Correlation of wells
  • Characterization of reservoirs and pays
  • Prediction of lithological heterogeneitie
  • Prediction of reservoir qualities


Geophysical tools permit to image buried structures and to characterize the nature of sediments and rocks at shallow depths (between 0 and 100m). Based on electromagnetism principles, geophysical tools allow to realise 2D or in 3D images in a non-destructive way.

Tools and methods are adapted to problematics and required depth investigations:

  • Gravimetry and microgravimetry
  • ERT (Electrical Tomography)
  • GPR (Ground Penetration Radar)
  • Electromagnetic conductimetry
  • Magnetometer

Some application cases:

  • Precision farming/soil properties: thickness, relative water contents, compaction, nature of the substratum
  • Civil engineering: qualitative analysis of embankments, detection of cavities, detection of fractured zones
  • Geological resources and risks: geological mapping, location of faults, karstification
  • Archaeology: highlight of underground structures (vestiges)


85% of our activity relies on collaborative projects applied to geosciences.

We are proud to have received our agreement for private research, delivered from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. 

We develop methods and tools for the optimization of resources exploration projects.

Analytic tools for the acquisition and storage of geological data.

We develop analytic tools for the digital storage of geological samples from well drilling. These tools allow the speed up of acquisition times of lithological, textural and mineralogical data.


  • High resolution imaging
  • 3D cores models
  • Characterization of mineral phases
  • Mineralogical maps


  • Quick access to data
  • Accelerated time of analysis
  • Analyses carried out on the field / on site
  • Reduced costs
  • Digitization / data backup

“A la carte” geological studies for tailor-made solutions.

We provide lab analyses that cover a wide range of geological domains, such as geophysics, petrophysics, geomechanics, mineralogy, sedimentology, (bio-)stratigraphy, and geochemistry.

Our team of engineers can carry out “à la carte” studies integrating various geological datasets in order to provide tailor-made solutions to your problematics.


Our ROCKSLAB laboratory carries out all physico-chemical analyses on your rock samples.

  • Petrography
  • Granulometry
  • Mineralogy
  • Granulometry
  • + infos


The interpretation of well data requires a good knowledge of logging data, mechanical data and geological data. As a result, geological information is gained at the well location during and after drilling. Our engineers have acquired their geological skills through field experience and years on platform. Today, we want to transmit our experience via trainings in geology.

Therefore, we have designed a catalogue of recognized professional trainings and conferences, which are available for persons of all levels wishing to improve their geological skills.

List of training courses:

  • Mudlooging
  • Probe geology
  • Upstream exploration drilling
  • Introduction to geothermal energy in the Paris basin. 
  • Geology: sedimentology applied to drilling. 

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