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A patented solution for the creation of very high resolution digital core shack in 3D

High Resolution imaging

Resulting from several years of R&D, INGEN has developed a unique tool for rapid and high-resolution 3D digitization of drill core directly on site.

Why HICA ?

Core sampling and analysis is an expensive and destructive process. Moreover, the data obtained is punctual and incomplete since each sample is specific to the analysis requested. Modeling and spectroscopy are two techniques that allow us to obtain objective results on mineralogy, facies, sedimentary figures and associated depositional environments, diagenesis, etc., even before handling the sample.

Artificial intelligence is used to facilitate recognition and bring a degree of certainty to the mapping of the object. AI is often presented as a way to automate the analysis in replacement of the operator, which is a mistake. We do not seek to replace geologists, we accompany them. We have developed this scanner with the needs we identify on our own exploration or drilling projects in mind.

A digital core shack: HICA is a tool to assist the geosciences expert by giving him permanent access to data usually stored in a warehouse. 

HICA is an exploration accelerator, a decision-making aid and above all a tool for preserving the heritage under the ground.

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museum national D'histoire naturel de paris

In partnership with the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle de Paris, INGEN had access to the library of this prestigious institution in order to carry out a digitization campaign of ground survey samples, some of which date back to the Neo-Archean period (3 billion years ago).

Carottes de Gneiss et de grès
Core samples in blue rack
Carotte en cours d'analyse par HICA
carotte de forage en cours d'analyse par HICA

technical specifications

  • HICA allows the production of 3D models of geological samples with a resolution of 20 µm / px
  • Image processing solutions are available for mapping samples and calculating geological parameters.
  • The resolution, the time of analysis and the image processing are adaptable to your needs.
  • HICA is a mobile solution, transportable anywhere, for digitizing samples directly on site/platform.
Scanner HICA - Hyperspectral Imaging for Core Analysis

a 100% made in Ingen solution

HICA is a patented technology developed entirely in-house. From the design phase to the assembly, through 3D printing or programming, it is the brains of INGEN that have imagined and realized this innovative solution for the creation of very high resolution 3D digital core sack.

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