In 2017, the idea rose that it was necessary to use the power of digital technologies to back-up geological samples.

Despite the amount of information contained in geological samples, well cores were often unavailable, either because they were thrown away after years of storage, because of extensive sampling for destructive lab analyses, or simply because it was time consuming to reach their storage localities.

The aim was to simplify access to geological data in order to ease resources exploration and preserve geological heritage.

It was from this idea that INGEN: Innovations for Geosciences was born, and that our very first R&D project: HICA was launched.

Today, most of INGEN’s R&D is oriented towards non-destructive technologies (spectroscopy, modelling, geophysics, etc.). Their application aims at optimizing the exploration of georesources, in both shallow and deep subsurface settings.


Logo INGEN innovations pour les géosciences
Logo de HICA Hyperspectral Imaging for Core Analysis


Franck SMEKTALA INGEN founder and CEO


Founder & CEO

Franck has been running the company since 2018. Graduated from the University of Burgundy, Geologist at BRGM then at EXLOG in France and the United States, he has participated in the development of numerous exploration projects, from petroleum to geothermal energy via the storage and geological monitoring of drilling.

Today, he is developing INGEN and its R&D with the ambition of creating a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to exploration.


Marketing & QHSE

Julie arrived in the company shortly after its creation in 2018. Her complementary skills allow her to be competent both in the laboratory and in projects management. She is notably our marketing manager and QHSE coordinator.


Research Project Manager – PhD

Chloé graduated with a PhD in geology from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), completed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). Her background comes from the study of sedimentary basins, and the integration of various datasets in sedimentology, stratigraphy, diagenesis, mineralogy and geochemistry. She run various sedimentological projects for the oil and gas services sector or the deep burial of nuclear waste for which she integrates data at different scales of study (microscopic to regional). She is fascinated by the natural diversity of landscapes, the geological processes that shape them, as well as by societal and cultural diversity.

Rabie Lferd


Wellsite Geologist


Research Engineer – Data and image processing – PhD

Mathieu graduated from the Optic Institute Graduate School and  obtained his PhD from Optics and Engineering Sciences of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia. His work focused on the application of adaptive optics techniques used in the tuning of telescopes to the characterization of reflective surfaces in concentrating solar installations. He then worked for the company Digibox Chantiers as Innovation Manager and Operational Director.


Business Developer

Arthur joins us with his Stetson and his boots from The Cannon Community in Houston. He brings his passion for entrepreneurship as well as his experience at the intersection of Oil and Gas and digital innovation. On a daily basis, he will participate in commercial and international development to accelerate our entrepreneurial adventure!


At INGEN: Innovations for Geosciences, we take care of the safety and health of our employees, but also that of our partners. We guarantee the safety of our employees regardless of the environment and working conditions (laboratory, field, platform, etc.).

We are active in the energy transition and put our geoscience skills at the service of research.

In particular, we carry out research projects:

  • In the exploration of natural hydrogen
  • In the exploration of geothermal projects

We make a point of ensuring the quality of our management. We have also been ISO 9001 stage 2/3 certified since March 2020.

We are committed to developing partnerships with local stakeholders. Our ecosystem participated in the kick-off of INGEN. We therefore continue to associate them with our growth. We are renewing our commitment to develop the Grand Dijon and the Grand-Est region.

Our raison d’être is to create a link between the world of public research and that of industry.

We work with several university laboratories. And we have notably materialized our commitment through a partnership agreement with the Biogeosciences laboratory (UMR UB / CNRS / EPHE 6282).

We are maintaining our investment in setting up research projects applicable to current exploration themes (projects, theses, publications, etc.)